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Photo Catalog

Just Enough Braids

$ 10.00 USD

just a small section braided - to add a flare of creativity to your style! Just Enough Braids!


Freestyle Cornrows

$ 25 USD

Add Hair: $10.00

Add Beads: $1.00



Braided Up-do

$ 40 USD

Add Hair: $60


Quick Weave Braids (just hair)

$ 12 USD

Pre-braided hair - currently using Xpression Hair

Colors: 1b, 30, 27, 33

per bag: $12 each

3 -5 bags: $10 each

6 or more bags: $7 each 


Interested in Quick Weave Braids, but you don't wanna spend time braiding the hair??? Drop it off an pick up ur braided hair! That simple! 

same day: $50

next day: $40

1 week: $35

Any other time frame please call for details!


Sew-in Full Head

$ 50 USD

Partial Head: $35                  




Have a Extension Service not ready to take out but want a diff look? Book NoW!


service includes Shampoo service and Tightening: $40







Quick Weave Style

$ 40 USD

Braided base: $55


Carpet Braids

$ 65 USD


Infusion Extensions Hot/Cold

$ 380 USD

Installation only: $200   


Latch Hook Weave

$ 60 USD

crochet braid or weave style 

can be done with curl or straight hair 

style last about the length of a sew in (4-6 weeks)



Tree Braids

$ 125 USD


Mini Box Braids

$ 150 USD


Medium Box Braids (Pixie): $ 95


Butt Length/Longer add: $20


Small Box Braids: $115


Large Box Braids: $85



Box Braids (Pixie Braids)

$ 95 USD


Micro Braids (Freestyle Braids)

$ 95 USD

includes initial style when finished


Dreadlocks (Twists) - Start

$ 65 USD

Retwist Dreads: $35


Kinky Twists

$ 85 USD


Senegalese Twists

$ 110 USD


Dreadlock Style/Design

$ 30 USD

have dreads and need a different look? 

creative or simple ...going out or staying home!!!

stand out from the rest!!! 


approx 40 mins for complete style



Quick Weave Braid Style

$ 45 USD

bonded base - pre-braided hair bonded and styled 

lasts approx. 2-3 weeks 



Children Services

Shampoo & Style

$ 35 USD


Freestyle Braids

$ 25 USD

Add Hair: $35

Add Beads: $3.00


Micro Braids

$ 65 USD


Senegalese Twists

$ 75 USD